Welcome to The WTF!

Things you need to know:

1. Check the gameplay rules here.

2. 24 teams in the league, 2 conferences, 6 divisions with 4 teams each. 3 division winners and 2 WC make playoffs each year from each conference. The 2 WC comprise the 1st round. Round 2 consists of the winner of the WC matchup playing the conference winner, and the other 2 division winners playing.

3. The AGE of your players matters greatly. Players age and retire based on formula. For a detailed breakdown of how that all works in this league check here.

4. Players have a chance to offset the aging process through their performance and also stand to gain in attributes by putting up great stats. The players are "tiered" such that the best players compete only against other players of their talent level attribute-wise. The higher the player finishes, the better chance they have to gain attributes. For a detailed breakdown of this process check here.

5. We draft college players each season to improve our teams and replace retired or aged players. The new players' attributes are devised by evaluating their potential (how good they were considered to be coming out of college) and their actual NFL career. The way the draft works is interesting in the sense that you won't know what their attributes will be until AFTER the draft. As in the real NFL draft, any player, including 1st rounders, can be a bust, while late-round selections may have a small probability of being a breakout star.

6. We use WTFphile (an adaptation of the classic Tecmophile) to keep track of statistics and upload save state files from online play. You will need a login/password to join the league. An admin can can help you join the league.

7. 2 weekly ROMs will be released every 10 days, so a full season will take approximately 3 months to complete.

8. WTFphile allows for offensive players to get injured and miss up to 3 games. Roster depth can be important!

9. The league has an admin team of up to 5 members. Rather than list their names here, look on the message board for updates and news from them. Brookstonfowler is the WTFphile manager and can address any issue regarding the WTFphile website you may have including ideas for improvements.

10. There are probably dozens of things missing from this list that will crop up at various points. This is a very complex league with many nuances. Please be patient as there is a slight learning curve for new owners. The main expectation is that you participate in the league and have fun.

Thank you,

-The WTF admin team
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